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We meet interesting people wherever we go, it seems. 3rd Sunday Market brings out some delightful people and people that make you go hmmmmm. Our first market was held on a Sunday that was straight out of January. Even though the calendar said May. At one point we were thinking of taking the quilt we were using as a table cover off the table and wrapping it around ourselves.

An overly bundled couple was purchasing one of our dishes. Val was busy wrapping the item while I was bent down searching for a bag for it. We were chatting small talk about the weather and how prepared they were with wearing their snowsuits. The man remarked that he sure hoped he didn’t get a cramp. Cramp? Did this man have a disease where he needed to have massages so his muscles wouldn’t cramp? What did he mean “cramp”? We didn’t have long to wonder. His snow suited partner spoke up about yep how difficult it is to get undressed in time to go to the bathroom with all the layers they were wearing. I glanced up at Val and she had frozen. She looked as though she had looked into the eyes of Medusa and was turned into stone. Her arm was paused in mid air and she wasn’t even blinking. I ducked my head down so the couple wouldn’t see me chortling back a laugh. Really? A cramp? As in a bathroom cramp?! Some things should not be shared with strangers. No matter what you are buying.


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