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Another Sign?

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Val and I have been busy deciding what we need to visualize next. We have taken the plunge and are I think, comfortably wet. We started channeling now a place for us to create in and store our finds. (Husbands and kids are slowly getting crowded out of our houses by all our treasures.) A place where we can also hold a quarterly blow out sale. Maybe even share our space with other like minded folks. So, that being said, I was on my way to drive by a place in Maquon and this rainbow is what greeted me as I approached the town. It could only be more perfect if it was over the exact property but I thought it was close enough.


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  1. Did you find a pot of gold too? If so, I am headed to Maquon! Do you have pointy ears & shoes….I don’t know about this…I am suspicious…I guess I will have to come see for myself if you do indeed open a shop of treasures there….


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