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I am losing it…

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So there we are at Knox County Scenic Drive, peddling our wares. The whole point of us being there is to sell our treasures. I guess I missed that point.

I noticed a lady looking at our wooden box full of dishes. I approached her to see if she would like me to take the things out of the box to be able to see the true character of the box. The carved wood handle and the ends were original. You could see where weathered gnarled hands had carried the box many many miles around an old farm. To the barn, to the broken down rusty tractor and maybe even into the farmhouse full of flowers. It was a truly wonderful piece. The side pieces had been cut from an old sign. They had this fabulous blue like the sky when a storm is approaching. There were just glimpses of black lettering across the wood. I loved this box.

I bent down to remove the plates all the while chatting with the woman, remarking how fantastic of a box this was. She asked me if I thought if it would be hard to strip the paint off the sides and refinish it.

What?!! Remove the total coolness of the box?! Omigosh. I paused and quite calmly said that I did not think the wood under the paint was a good wood. In fact, I thought the wood under it was an ugly wood. (Really, did I just say that?!)

Oh, she said. Thank you for being honest with me. Maybe that isn’t the box I need.

No problem, ma’am…

I then walked back to Val and with my face shielded with my hands began to say something like omigosh omigosh omigosh…when the lady returned with a friend to evaluate the box. I look at Val who is looking at me as though I have lost it. I cannot sell that woman the box. She is going to murder it. First torture it then kill it.

Luckily the friend did not think it was the box for her either. Whew.

In the meantime, I have Val calmly explaining to me that it was just an object. That our mission was to sell the objects we brought. I said that I knew that and I was not sure why all of a sudden I got attached to an old box. Yes, I had lost it. Yes, I am queen of "oh just paint it". Yes, I understood that once a person bought an item, it was theirs and they could do whatever they wanted with it. Sigh.

Later that day, the box sold. To who, I am not sure. I just had to let it go.

It was a good experience for me to learn that at times I can still be silly…lol! I am so lucky to have Val to ground me.


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