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Grinding stone table

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I was busy today trying to get things rearranged in the garage so the doors would shut, when I came across an odd stonelike object in the back of our project jeep. Hmmmmm. That would be perfect for the top of the pedestal of an old birdbath that I have had sitting on my porch for ages. I had been wanting to put the grinding stone on top of it but the hole in the grinding stone had this huge spike sticking out so I couldn’t attach it. This round kind of hollow stone thing would allow the other smaller spike on the grinding stone to sit on top of the pedestal.

So I put the stone object on top then set about finding the grinding stone. I finally discovered it in the basement. Now when I had gotten it, I was not involved in the process of getting it home. I simply won it at the auction then had my son jon pick it up and bring it home. So….I went to pick it up and oh my. Heavy was an understatment. So I managed to get it up on its edge and bent over, I rolled it out of the basement. Out of the garage. Up the hill to the first step of the stairs to the porch. And there I paused. Summoning up what little strength I had, I heaved it up one step. Then seven more times I heaved it. I kept wondering how the Egyptians built the pyramids and could I modify their process and use it to make this easier? Ha.

So I got it up onto the porch. Then had to brute force lift it onto the top of that stone. Managed to accomplish that with minimal screaming. That was when I saw the giant spike jutting out. The final destination spike poised for killing. Drat. I went inside to get a glass of water and think about a solution. While at my kitchen table, I saw what could be the perfect solution…a bird statue that I thought was made of wood. I could just drill a hole into it and slip it over the killer spike. I picked up the bird and realized it wasn’t wood and it was hollow. So I grabbed my handy dandy hammer and whacked the bottom. It caved in beautifully. Took it back outside with me and voila, a perfect fit! No more final destination spike! And a really cool look for the table.


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