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Here Comes Santa…

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Val and I had so much fun at the Third Sunday Markets this year. We each found for ourselves some great treasures. On the last one, I spotted this across from us. It is a paper pattern that someone mounted onto plywood and cut out. Visions of these beauties being nailed and braced up on my roof danced in my head. Never mind that I live in the country and could probably support one of those giant windmills all with our wind, or that these were paper on plywood and weather does happen. No, I had to have them.

Val and I are totally different in our purchase philosophies. She is of the mind set that she can walk away and think about the purchase and evaluate its feasibility and then return to purchase the said item. If it is not there, or someone else has purchased it, she is fine. She truly believes that then it was not meant to be and something else will come along. Now me, well, an art teacher once said to me after I had thrown a glob of clay I could not center, "Patience is a virtue…and you do want to be virtuous, don’t you?" Hmmmmm. At what cost is this patience thing. Ha. Anywho, I am of the belief that one should go ahead and get the item if it speaks to you. Too many times wonderful junk has been snatched away from me if I have not bought it right at the moment I fell in love with it. Of course Val would point out that then it was not meant to be yours and yes, she is right at some level. And I am sure she never has buyers remorse like I do at times. But some things scream to me to save them now!

So here is a picture of a screaming to be saved Santa and sleigh and reindeer. I have no idea where to put them indoors. Maybe I will take out my couch. Couches are overrated anyhow. Pillows on the floor should work fine. Bring your own if you come to visit!


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