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I was home with my sick son today, so I took advantage of the quietness of the house to get creative. I had seen this cool stick with the word MERRY hanging from it in the Pottery Barn catalog. I was inspired.

The only stick I had in the house was a white curvy one from IKEA. It would do. Not optimal but workable. Next I scouted for some red glitter paper to cut letters out of. Score! So I cut out the word MERRY and went to hang it from the stick. Nope. Not good. I hate it when you think you have this really good idea and when you execute it, well, it deserves execution. Ha.

What to do what to do…aha. I would put some burlap behind the letters. Who doesn’t love burlap? Ok. Did that. Still not working. I then got out a piece of green felt and a piece of off white felt and slipped it behind the red letters. I decided on the green. I glued the red letters onto the pieces of felt then glued the whole mess onto the burlap. I used spray glue initially for the letters to felt part and what a bad decision that was. I still have the glue on my fingernails where I was holding the letter out spraying the glue in the wind. Sigh.

Anywho, the burlap just kind of hung there. I found an old folder and cut that up to give the burlap some substance.
This was much better. I then added twine to the back and tied that to some red raffia I had attached to the stick. Much better. But it still needed something. My son brought me out some fab red sparkly garland that he had confiscated for his room. Voila. That was the touch it needed. You can’t have too much sparkle!

And by the way, if you spot the Pottery Barn MERRY, you will most likely never guess that was my inspiration…ha!


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