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Step Back In Time Holiday

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Val and I just re-did our booth at Step Back In Time. We have draped fabric tied lights and vintage holiday cards everywhere. We have let go of some of our personal stash hoping that others will love them as much as we did.

I can so see the silver gracing my table or even just on the back of my toilet. Why not use vintage things everywhere?! In fact, for my makeup, I use a round milk glass bowl with a lid. It makes me smile and hides otherwise clutter that would be sitting on my countertop. Try to just see the form, the outline of an item, and that will help you to come up with new and creative ways to use vintage items in your everyday life. It is about enjoying and using these character-filled items. Not having them boxed up and saving them for later. Ok.ok. off on that tangent I go…ha.

Anywho, come see our goodies. In fact the whole store is stuffed with all kinds of goodies. They are having their extravaganza this weekend to kick off (early) the holiday season. I almost feel like I have missed fall… yes, I think I am a closet grinch at times.


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