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On A Roll, Piano Roll That Is

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I went to an auction recently and won a tub full of old player piano rolls. Some in good condition and others, well, perfect for projects.

Val brought in some fantabulous cones she had made from some of the project perfect piano paper. That got me jump started to create something from them as well. So…I rolled out a length of the piano roll and realized I did not want to lose the super cool part that attached inside the player piano. I saw a banner for your door in the paper.

The end part curled some so I added a crystal from an old chandelier to give it some weight to hold it straight. I tried cutting letters from felt but that was not working for me. So…I got out my old standby, paint. I painted the letters on, covered them with glue, and shook a ton of red glitter on them. Still needed something so I painted some holly and edged the entire banner with scrolly red things.

All I had for the hanger was a plastic skirt hanger which as soon as I find one, will be replaced with an old wooden skirt hanger. Ah, you do with what you have.

Anywho, more will be in the making. As soon as I can find a spot where animals, children and husbands do not walk…the kitchen floor was not optimal. Ha.


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