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So my daughter had tonsil surgery yesterday. And being fifteen years old, it is maybe a bit more rough for her, so I stayed home to be the liquid police. I didn’t want her to end up at the hospital dehydrated.

Which gives me time to clean during her moments of sleep. Oh boy. As I was cleaning off one of my counters in my kitchen, I rediscovered an old wooden coke box. Hmmmmm.

It has 24 squares, perfect for an advent calendar. Or 24 squares to display little different bits of Christmas. This time I opted for the latter.

Now to collect 24 Christmas themed or winter themed items. I found one of my boxes of old ornaments. (Do you see how easily I am distracted from cleaning?!) Then I started scouting around for more items. The squares are small, maybe 2 x 2 so my plastic white reindeer did not fit. Drat. I found an old red compass, a star cookie cutter, flaking off Christmas lightbulbs, and some pinecones. Perfect.

I put the items in and realized those little squares were really dark. I needed something white. As I continued walking around the house on the lookout for white, I found white stuffing from a pillow that the dogs were playing tug of war with. Good job, naughty dogs!

I added the stuffing to the pinecones to make them stand out. I then added a vintage plastic santa in a sleigh with reindeer to the top and an old bottlebrush tree I had.

Voila! A box of Christmas. Hopefully the dogs won’t deicide to go after it…


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