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I had stopped at a local Christmas tree vendor and asked if they sold just branches off the trees or did I need to buy a tree and have them "dismantle" it? (Obviously I had no clue about this).

Amazingly the fellow replied like he got this all the time and said, "No, ma’am. You don’t need to buy the tree, we have branches already cut. They are 12 for $5."

Wow! How cheap! They were huge and he even loaded them for me. The car reeked of christmas as I drove home. Luckily they were blue spruce so they had a nicer smell than regular pine. Ick. After my mom one year sprayed our tree with Glade pine scent, I want to hurl every time I smell pine. I can’t even drink gin…ha.

So I got home and threw them into my window boxes, slapped a red bow on the front and called it done. I had a ton left over, so I threw them in the wheelbarrow that never got put away. The wheelbarrow was on a hill and kept wanting to topple so I used one of those farm equipment dillies to stabilize it. Still not finished, in my mind. So I started searching for something else. I found my old rusty star and plopped that in. Perfect. Almost. I think I need to paint the star red to really pop it but that would involve finding the red paint, finding a brush, letting it warm up in the house, painting it without children/dogs/blind cat getting into it and frankly, I am going to be the only enjoying it anyway…ha! So for now I am leaving it as project #302 on my to-do list.


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  1. Love it! Can you come and fix up my yard?

  2. It never occurred to me that they might sell branches. I always surreptitiously cut them from neighborhood trees. I’m heading to the tree guy tomorrow!


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