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Quick Cheap Gift

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While drinking my coffee this morning, I started thinking about making something before I left for work. I remembered I had read quite a few tutorials on making sugar scrub. Hmmmm. I have the ingredients. I can make this.

Gathered up sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. 2 1/2 cups of sugar + 1 cup of olive oil + 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, mixed thoroughly and voila! A quick gift!

I think next time I want to add something that will give it more of a lemony smell. I guess in sugar is something called hydroxy something or other that makes your skin oh so soft. And the coarseness of the sugar also sloughs off any dead skin. I don’t quite remember the details …sigh. I will have to look it up again. But for now, all that is important is that it works!

This filled two small jelly jars with a little bit left over which I put in some cool custard cups I had. I figured I would put these in my bathrooms along with a silver spoon to dip out of the custard cups for guests to use. More than likely one of my children will try to eat it so I had better put a note not to eat it. Maybe.


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