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March Madness

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After Tuesday, it will be official. We will have our own shop! We will be located on Washington Street in East Peoria, right across from the Fondulac Library. Odd how life works. It is the same place where we got our first taste of selling. It used to be The Shabby Chic Cottage and we sold many of our small "creations" there. And now through a series of events, we are going to open our own shop there.

So…since we are opening in March, I started trying to get some new pieces ready for the madness. I had in the basement, this old desk that I had had my dad fix up some. The back was horrid, the bottom of the drawer was cracked and the shelf that held the piece solid was, well, missing its middle. My dad repaired all the structural damage then it was up to me to clean and spiffy it up.

As luck has it, I actually had a can of clearance paint that matched the original color. What are the odds there?! Anywho, I set about cleaning off years of barn gunk and even someone’s gum…ick. Then I painted where the paint was gone and lined the drawer.

I also found a chair in the basement that I was going to originally spray paint lime green. After looking at the chair and its beautiful wood carvings, I decided to leave the wood and just recover the seat. Someone had rebuilt the seat and had simply glued the seat to the frame. Interesting. Another project for my dad. Anywho I went ahead and covered it in the same material as the drawer liner.

This was a good start to stocking our store. Now to find some more pieces in the basement to beautify…


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  1. Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to come in and see you!

  2. Woowoo! The library loves neighbors like this!


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