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An E6000 Day

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I woke up the other morning to a wonderful hot pink sunrise. It is amazing how it inspired me to do a whole day of creating. I found my trusty E6000 and off I went on a hunt for junk to glue.

I found some plates that I had previously painted with some of that great porcelaine paint from Dick Blick. I gathered some candlesticks. As I was passing through my yellow room, I saw my set of old vintage dishes that I dearly love. Currently I have them displayed completely covering an old dresser. While the look is fab, it is a bit over the top. I decided to take my own advice and take just a couple of them and figure out a way to use them everyday. Perfect. So I grabbed a few of them.

I am sure everyone already knows how to glue. I simply took all the items and tried out some different combinations. Finally settling on some combos that were pleasing, I began to glue them. I used heavy books to weigh down the recently glued items to make sure they would adhere.

While waiting for those to dry, I found some old silver forks. I took them and pounded them somewhat flat and bent two of the tines forward. Got out some magnets and glued them to the back of the forks. Great memo holders for the frig!

So, this was my day of E6000. I ended up with 4 fabulous pedestal plates, a cool jewelry holder, a cup and saucer for birdseed, another pedestal plate from my china and 9 fork memo holders. Woo woo!


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