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Rethinking My No Wreath

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Yes, for Christmas I decided against a wreath for my door. I used a red painted chicken wire covered frame, that I clothespinned old vintage holiday cards.

Well, Christmas is over and now I want a wreath. I adore those cone wreaths that I see all over blogland. So, I decided to make some cones. I got out an old book and began tearing out the pages. Then I started rolling a cone. Ha. Cone rolling became a challenge for me. Really? I know I am losing skills daily as I age not so gracefully, but really? I can’t roll a cone? Oh sometimes I rolled it ok. Then the other times I rolled it and the top wouldn’t go right. The bottom part had a large opening. And where do you put your glue?

So I youtubed rolling a paper cone. And my. I sifted through the "cigarette" demos and finally found the much less popular, how to roll a cone for old lady crafts. The trick is to kind of pinch the bottom and keep pinching it as you roll. So I made a boxful of them.

Next I cut a circle from some cardboard I had saved. About 3 inches in diameter. Then I began gluing the cones to the cardboard. Wow. That was easy. I assembled another one. As those were drying, I went on the internet to The Graphic Fairy to search for an image for the centers. I found a great one with flowers and birds.

Next, I put the image on one of the wreaths and decided for the other one, I would make a heart from felt. Hmmmm. It wasn’t working. I added a fan of book pages behind it and voila!

I also cut out several flowers to make a miniature wreath for my frig. You simply cut a circle then cut a spiral around and around the inside. Then you begin from the outside and roll the spiral towards the inside. Glue the tail end under and you have a great flower. You can make these out of book pages, magazines, felt, anything you can cut. For my wreath magnet, I used old book pages and player piano rolls.

So once they were done, I put the heart wreath on my No Wreath frame on the door, the other cone wreath I put on my mirror and the final one on my frig. Ahhhhhh. Wreath heaven.


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