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Pounding As Therapy

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As some of you know, I have been trying to use my new sewing machine to no avail. I am not "cut out" to be a seamstress. I am made from a different "pattern"…ha.

So as I was vacuuming the other day, my vacuum hit something solid under my coffee table. (No, I don’t always move it…yes, I am one of those.) Hmmmm. I then pushed the coffee table over and what do I see? A fabulous small anvil that I had inadvertently purchased at an auction a while ago. I had gone to an auction to get my son a large anvil that he could use while blacksmithing. During the auction, I was chatting to someone when I heard the auctioneer say "anvil". I started bidding. And I won it for only $35! Amazing. That is until the auctioneer said to pass me my anvil. Really? You are going to pass around a 100 pound anvil? As I started to say, no that is ok, the anvil started around the crowd. I was not bidding on the giant he-man anvil. No. I had won a small little elf anvil. Perfect for small little poundings. Sigh. I did stay and eventually won the large why didn’t I bring someone with me to load anvil.

Anywho, I must have put it under the coffee table out of the way and promptly forgot about it. Woo woo! Boy did I have a use for it. I dragged it out and started looking for silverware to pound flat. I said something to Jack about gee I wish I had some metal stamps. He said he had some in the basement. Sigh. My basement is full and I mean full. And totally unorganized. Oh maybe kind of organized by when I sent the items down to the basement for storage but not really searchable easily. I would never be able to find them. Much to my surprise, Jack went down and returned with letter and number metal stamps!

So I began to stamp words and quickly found out that it is a lot harder than it looks. Of course I had the peanut gallery giving me suggestions. Blah blah blah…use a maul…sure, crush my whole hand instead of just the fingers holding the stamps. Eventually I did get the hang of it somewhat.

And I tell you, it is tons more fun than sewing. No bobbin winding, no needle threading, and no cutting patterns! Just think of a word, one you can spell, and pound. Yep, the vacuum was abandoned and coffee table was still askew. But I was happy pounding.


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