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Love Inside My Button Heart

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I have been really liking those button hearts. I figured I could make one and began searching for some red buttons. Which is hard to find if one actually hasn’t been collecting buttons which now will become a new collecting (hoarding) habit. So while I was at the Three Hundred Dollar Store (which my husband calls Walmart as we seem to spend that amount no matter what we go there for), I found a bag of 130 red buttons. Wow. I could make several hearts with that!

Well, no. The 130 buttons made one heart on an 8 x 10 picture. Oh well. Anywho, I found an ugly cherubs sitting on rocks picture that was actually in a cool curved glassed frame. Perfect. I covered the cherubs with a scrap piece of burlap. Mod podged it down. Then still using the mod podge, I took a brush and painted a heart shape and began adding the buttons. Hmmmm. One line of them just looked skimpy. So I added a second row. Then started adding some on top since I didn’t have to worry about the depth since my glass was domed. Hmmmmm again. It needed something.

Aha. Scrabble tiles. So I oh so originally used the word LOVE. Ok. Not original but it works for the masses. CRYING would have been too melodramatic and BLACK would have been ok if I had used black buttons, and BLEEDING was too long.

So I quickly painted the frame white to pop the dark burlap and voila! A red button heart with love inside!


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  1. I LOVE This!!!


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