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Old Slate Roof Tiles

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I was sitting at my kitchen table debating which of the thirty projects I have waiting for me, I would do. Old slate tiles won. I had thought about doing the inside of our shower with them but that was vetoed with oh so many scenarios that it would never work. Oh the naysayers. So I had to think of something else.

Well, we are doing this French market on West Moss on June 2nd and I should get going on some items for it. Nevermind that we also have May 5th, our own Swing Into Spring celebration with our business neighbors, Quinn Station and Simplicity. No. I was going to focus on something that wasn’t happening until June.

So I got out my paints and began. I LOVE the paint pens for lettering. I also used my trusty acrylics. I like to do everything by hand which often times creates not perfect looking results as can be seen in the Fleur Di Lis one! At least whoever ends up with it, knows it was done by hand.

Anywho, four tiles later, I was finished for the night. Boy am I getting old! I can remember the days I would blast Led Zeppelin and paint all night then go to school in the morning. Now I listen to Django Reinhardt, dream I am in a foreign country and can paint til 8:30 before my lids get heavy. Nevermind that I will be awake at 2 a.m. I can’t hardly keep my eyes open now. Sweet dreams!


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