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New Old Table

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My friend, Karen, gave me this fabulous table she had gotten years ago. It is supposed to open into a dining table. We can see the leaves underneath but cannot figure out how to open it. Sigh. Luckily it is a wonderful table without showing its leaves!

I knew I wanted to use it, then came the dilemma of where would I put it? It sat on upside down (which helped us to keep trying how to open it) on my sofa for a week. Finally it hit me where I wanted to put it. So I totally rearranged the front room. I am afraid I have my lovebirds still kind of sitting in the hallway…sigh, but the front entrance looks great!

I added a grain sack to break up the darkness, some empty frames to highlight objects, added an old porcelain deer head along with an ouija board I won’t let anyone mess with. I have seen enough horror flicks to know what will happen! No siree, not in my house. We have enough chaos from this side let alone from the other side.

I put my grandmother’s humpback trunk under it and called it done. I love rearranging however I then have extras that I need to move. Kind of like Dr. Suess Cat In The Hat with that pink stuff. Anywho. It is what it is!


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