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I am sorry. I have been horribly neglectful of our blog. I am going to correct this slippage. Sometimes life interrupts and things that use to bring you joy, seem to be overwhelming. I am back on track and raring to go!

I just made the easiest wreath ever. I took a wreath that was meant to hold cards and slipped in some stencil numbers and rats. Yep. Rats. Ok, just the silhouettes but still very rat-like. I am going to figure out how to attach the pic from my iPad. I found them at the Dollar Store. Where I stood desperately trying to remember some of the cool crafts I have seen on Pinterest using Dollar Store items but my fifty year old mind went blank. Oh, rats. So I grabbed them! Ha.

Any who, hopefully there will be a pic to show you how cool this turned out.

More to come!



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  1. Denise Anton Wright

    Absolutely love the Rat Wreath, Susan! All it needs now is some mention of the Black Plague!

  2. Not too cheesy…


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