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My daughter, Cassie, was kind enough to help me man the store on Saturday. Scenic Drive was also happening which made for a slooooooow Saturday in regards to shoppers. We did have a few delightful souls venture to our place but for the most part we were void of customers.

Which allowed for us to creatively sit and draw up a plan to display many of our items. We critically examined what we had and designed some new areas. Oh the mess we created! Totally reminded me of the Cat In The Hat except we were Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Due to the selling of a lot of the furniture we had, we had some fabulous spaces we could use. I adore Pinterest (follow me! Susan Palmer) and I actually remembered one of my pins that I thought we could use for inspiration for our multitudes of jewelry. I had pinned this great display where they used old crates and odd things to display the jewelry from.

Hmmmmm. We had old crates and odd things. Perfect! So we set about collecting the items in the store. Then began the task of moving the jewelry. Wow. I guess this is where we became Thing 1 and Thing 2. One thing led us to another to another that caused another thing and so on. We pretty much dismantled the entire store just for one area of jewelry.

Anywho. We did finally manage to create a neat display space and got the rest of the store back to where you could at least walk through it. I am sure our Shopkeep Extraordinaire might not think so but at least Jon will have something to keep him busy with on Monday!

Feel free to visit us and see for yourself the shop. We are now open until 6 on Thursdays!

125 East Washington, East Peoria, IL. Monday through Saturday 10 to 4 except Thursday til 6!


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  1. Cassandra MacKie

    Well I liked it….and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you…Saturday was a success in my eyes! Love you!

  2. I love this display! I picked up your card at a recent 3rd sunday market. I think youre right in the building that I used to shop at the goodwill 20 yrs ago! I will definitely be visiting soon!


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