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15 Minutes to Create

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Yesterday, Sunday, was our last Third Sunday Market of the year. It is funny how every May we are crazy excited to start the season and by October, well, for me, I am ready to give everything away so we don’t have to load it into the truck. Lol!

Anywho. Usually on the Monday after TSM, I can’t get this old body to move. But for some reason I got up early which gave me 15 extra minutes to myself. Woo woo!

We have a vendor in our shop that painted an old brown picnic basket. It is so adorable. I actually use an old brown picnic basket as my bread basket on my kitchen counter. Hey, why not paint it?

Luckily for me, I hadn’t put back the paint I was using on Friday. Ok. Who am I kidding? I hadn’t put back downstairs the paint I had used a couple months ago…lol. you never know when you are going to need some mismatched paint.

I picked out an ivory color which prompted Stevie Wonder to sing in my head Ebony and Ivory. Ahhhhhhh. Anywho, I began to dry brush the paint on. For me, that means dipping my brush in the paint but not saturating it. I then use a really light touch when brushing the paint on. Just barely allowing the tips to gently sweep the item. And yes, I do use kind of a sweeping motion. It allows whatever is underneath to show.

It took me all of 10 minutes to paint the entire basket. I didn’t even take out the bread. I figured the only people who would see the inside were my family who probably wouldn’t even notice. Lol.

I spent the rest of my 15 minutes hunting down embellishments. I sawed through the tulle I have on my mirror (no sharp scissors to be found) and grabbed a doily off a chair and a pin off my dresser. Tied it all up and then undid it and tried again. I ended up with just the doily and the pin. I may later switch out the pin with the seaons like use a fab vintage christmas tree pin in December. Oh the possibilities!

I am really pleased with the way it turned out. And proud of my self for actually doing something instead of hopping on Pinterest! 






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  1. Love it!! Proud of you for putting those 15 minutes to good use!!

  2. What a clever idea and so quick and easy! Of course, I’m sort of a “purist” and probably wouldn’t add the doily thingy but I thought it was hilarious you did your artsy creative work while keeping the bread inside. You are the free spirit that I need to unleash within myself! My son lives not too far from your shop and I so want to take the time to visit your lovely shop on one of my visits to that neck of the woods. Keep up the great work! I love your inspirations!
    From a cousin that shares the same name….


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