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It really takes just 15 minutes in the morning to create something pleasing. I needed to change out the old display in the center of my breakfast table. I went on a hunt through the house. I found the silver tray in my bathroom, coralling all my jewelry and make up. I then discovered in my cabinet of serving items, the fab gold pedestal platter. Those two things then dictated my color scheme. I began looking for golds and browns and silver. I found another small pedestal to elevate the whole arrangement more. Hmmmmm. Had to find something not too tall for the center. Voila! One of my favorite pitchers. I also collected a brown glass mushroom, an amber necklace, some old gold ornaments and a sprig of evergreen with glitter. I also grabbed an old christmas swag and pulled the red berries off it. I then stuck it all together. I wadded up a piece of paper and stuck it in the pitcher so I wouldn’t have to waste the ornaments to get them to show. I always step back and look then tweak. I needed the mushroom to be taller as everything was the same height on that level. I ran out to the driveway and grabbed a semi flat rock. Perfect. Well, kind of. It still had an angle and the mushroom kept sliding. So I quickly chewed a piece of gum and stuck it to the bottom of the mushroom. Perfect. It was stuck. We shall see if it is as good as museum putty! Anywho, the lesson is to use what you have. I try not to see the object as what it is. Instead I look at it for its shape, what it can do and the colors. I then just put things together, evaluate whether or not it pleases me. If not, I adjust til it does. Hope this inspires you to walk through your house to gather items to make your home more you. Happy creating!


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