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While waiting for my coffee machine to finish making my pumpkin coffee, I decided to gather a few things again for eye candy for my bathroom.

I found an old Christmas card that I love, the shaving brush I bought for my husband that he never uses, my sparkly necklace I got from Relics in Peoria, and my milk glass makeup holder. Now I just needed something to tie it together and decided upon a mirrored vanity tray with filigree edges.

I assembled the items. Hmmmmm. Needed more height so I found a 3 candle vintage light. Still needed more. Dug out an old vintage flower pin and a small watercolor picture in a frame. Added another necklace and a small piece of fur for warmth. Ha.

And voila! A cute display from items on hand.

What do you have that you want to display? Gather the items and play around with them til they please you. Add objects that maybe you wouldn’t think would go together. I used the shaving brush to hold my Christmas card. My makeup is concealed in a great milk glass covered dish. Functional and pretty!

Anywho, my pumpkin coffee is done and I have a neat vignette in my bathroom. All done in the time I would have used to pin on Pinterest…ha!





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  1. absolutely love it! Susan you are so clever!

  2. John and Denise Wright

    Love, love, love getting these marvelous infusions of creativity from you guys! Have a blessed holiday season and keep the creativity coming. We all need more of that!

    Peace. – Denise Anton Wright


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