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42 Minutes In The Morning

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I have never been one to sleep very long. Even as a child I had trouble sleeping. And now that I am 50, well, I still have that trouble. So at 3:20 this morning I was pinning away on Pinterest.

Now for those of you who have not heard of Pinterest, you, you are the lucky ones. It is a highly addictive website where you “pin” snapshots of photos on websites. If you click on the “pin” you will be taken to the original website where the picture is located. You can “pin” anything from DIY items such as how to paint laminate furniture to health tips such as putting vicks on the bottom of your feet then covering them with socks to quiet a cough to just visual eye candy such as a crow photographed against a dark sky. There are recipes galore and inspirational sayings. The trouble with Pinterest is that it is real easy to get sucked into a virtual to do list and forget about the real world full of dirty dishes, clutter taking over your yellow room, a garage door that can’t shut because the garage is full…wait, I digress. My apologies. Of course I have pinned whole boards on cleaning and organizing…it is the implementation stage that eludes me.

Anywho, a lot to preface this post. As I was saying, I was pinning at 3:20 this morning when I saw this fab idea. This woman covered her white frig with contact paper. Wow. How cool. I laid there and thought, hmmmmmm. I have some dollar store contact paper I was going to give to my daughter, Cassie, for the inside of her buffet drawers…{sorry Cassie!}. I could use that.

So I actually went to implement this pin. I used three rolls of the dollar store contact paper. Actually it was easy. Especially since I am not a perfectionist! I had enough to cover the front of the frig. I am planning on chalkboard painting the sides.

Now the test is to see who notices. Mia, our crazy chocolate lab, growled at it. Me, well, I am pleased. Now I really really want to try the pin where you paint your countertops…!




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