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It’s Curtains For RJ

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No. Not curtains like in death but rather we needed something at the back entrance to pique people’s interest and draw them in.

I had seen on Pinterest, a shop that had painted circus curtains on their windows. Now while I loved the look of circus curtains for their toy shop, I didn’t think it would translate to our shop as well. I mean, sometimes it is like a circus there but I didn’t want to advertise it as such.

Anywho, I went about searching for some paint to be our curtains. I ended up with off white and a fabulous turquoise. Donna, my friend, suggested doing peek-a-boo polka dots for interest. Fab idea.

It was easy to do. The only trick to it is to remember that whatever you would paint last, has to be painted first. Say you were painting a snowman. His coal eyes, carrot nose, red cherry mouth, buttons, scarf and hat would be painted first. Then you would paint his white snow body. Then if the window was going to be viewed from the inside as well, then you would paint again the eyes, nose, mouth etc.

And so…our curtains! No fabric or sewing skills needed!



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