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A Change’s A’comin

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So, it is a Wednesday night and I am home in my cozy garden apartment slightly bored and for once, not exhausted. I am itching to change something. Hmmmm. Should I rearrange the front room for the millionith time? No. I actually am happy with the way it looks. Should I paint my back stairs? No. I am not sure I want paint on the flaking cement. What to do, what to do.

Then it hit me. I spend my time painting really cool furniture
to sell and my own furniture looks like before project pieces. That was what I was going to do. Paint my kitchen chairs.


I had bought these chairs because they reminded me of my Grandma Laird. She had similiar ones in her dining room. Well kind of. Hers were shiney wood with needlepoint flowered seats. Mine are missing the bottom of the legs, dull wood and covered in a fabric that has nothing natural in it. Sigh. So…perfect for a re-do.

I enlisted the aid of my son, Jon, and gave him the job of being upholsterer supreme. He took the seats off and went about cutting up this fabulous curtain to cover the ugliness. These were oh so wonderful curtains. They had vibrant green and blue birds on them. Orange floral dillies graced the background. I loved them.


I had been debating about what color to paint the chairs. I really really wanted them to be a high gloss orange but all I had was a flat white. That would do. Maybe later when I had some money, I would paint them high octane orange. So I started off painting them.


They looked fairly fantastic. I loved the cleaness of the chairs. They looked so fab that maybe I wouldn’t paint them orange…yet.

Jon got the seat covered and WOW! They were just what I needed to satisfy that changing urge.


How wonderful is this?! Luckily it was past my bedtime otherwise I would be painting everything in sight, white.

So went my Wednesday night.


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