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Easy Peasy Burlap Bow

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Here I am again with a new phone trying to figure out how to blog. Oh joy.

This morning as I was drinking my coffee, I started thinking about these fabulous burlap flowers that our creative vendor (and friend), Geri, makes. I adore them. Money is super tight right now so I figured I would make some myself.

I looked up burlap flowers on Pinterest (my addiction). I had already cut a square of green burlap trying to make it on my own. Fail. I found a tutorial and saw that my first mistake was that I had cut a square instead of a strip. So I simply cut partially up the middle if my square, kind of turning it into a strip.

The key to the gathering wasn’t needle and thread like I feared, but rather counting over 4 threads if the burlap and gently ( and I must emphasize gently!) pulling it so it gathers. How easy was this?

And because I had essentially split my square, I had 2 sides to do this on. And in doing that, I found that instead if a flower, I had the cutest bow!

So I grabbed a twist tie from the garbage bags, twisted it around the center, cut a circle if felt, found an old button and attached with Elmer’s glue (only because I couldn’t find one of my hundred other bottles of tackier glue as I am totally disorganized) sigh.

Anywho, easy peasy bow!









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