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New Beginnings

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Here is a winter photo of the new home of The Rustic Junktion. We are in now located in a charming 1930s bungalow in downtown Morton, Illinois. Many things have changed in the past few years but the shop remains a place to find shabby, rustic, vintage and retro treasures of all kinds. I offer plenty of furniture painting advice and good stories of my adventures in finding and rehabbing junk (treasures.)

My good friend and fellow junker, Susan, has taken a different fork in the road and now works in Edwardsville. I have continued the junking journey and I am determined to revive this blog. I hope you will join me.

The shop is located at 201 W Jefferson–two doors down from Eli’s Coffee Shop. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 5. You’ll find the shop to be full of all things vintage and handmade. You can follow The Rustic Junktion on Facebook as well as Instagram and Twitter @rusticjunktion.

See you soon–


March 2015

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This very neglected blog is under construction. You’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with our most current updates. Stay tuned…

Floor Update…

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The next time someone suggests that I pull up carpet and sand and refinish the wood floor underneath…I will think long and hard before I say, “Sure, let’s do it.”  After a weekend spent sanding and scraping and sanding and sanding, I just don’t think I would make that choice again. Wow! A rented belt sander was in use all day on Friday–all day. The same sander was in use all day on Saturday–all day. The same sander was in use most of Sunday afternoon before we called it a day. Five people worked all day Saturday and six people worked on Sunday on.the.floor.

Today a coat of poly was brushed on and the floor problems are behind us. The walls have been painted and/or covered and light fixtures updated. Now the fun begins. I am posting some pictures of how things looked before and during so that we can remember how much work it was. Stay tuned for the after…….

Patchy carpetWalls and floor before...Patchy wallCarpet gone...lots of glueA lot of glueStorefront--a work in progress

Ten pounds of cat in a five pound box

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I am busy at work in my dining room sorting and pricing stuff for 3rd Sunday Market. We have been working hard to get ready in the midst of the chaos of everyday life. Susan is getting her two high schoolers ready for the grind and I am sadly getting both my daughters ready to go away to college. But we have lots of cool new stuff to sell and we love what we do.

I just had to share this photo of one of my little furry helpers. There is another one stubbornly sitting in the middle of the table.

 We hope to see you Sunday!

Etsy Shop Update!

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Our sidebar button is working thanks to our friend, Genna. New items have been added. We invite you to take a look!

Our Etsy Shop Is OPEN!

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Wow! Who knew how much work it would be to clean, photograph, measure, describe, and upload our vintage treasures to an Etsy shop! I sure didn’t!

Anyway, I have spent most of my Sunday working on this and hope you will all stop by our shop. I will be adding more items soon now that I somewhat know what I am doing.

Here is where to find us:

You can also click on our button on the right menu and type in TheRustcJunktion. We will figure out how to make that link take you directly to our shop…but not today. I am on technology overload.


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So a funny thing happened last night…

Since moving from our private paradise on 3 acres in the country to a city lot in the oldest part of town, we have had to make a few adjustments. The biggest being neighbors–very close neighbors. However, everyone is very nice and not too nosy and it’s really pretty quiet around here for the most part. Right next to us is a lovely elderly woman whose two adult sons live with her. Mmmmm…you say. Yes, we say that too.  It’s obvious that the yard was once well-tended but now it is simply maintained. When tree branches fall they are picked up and moved to the sidewalk next to their house so as not to get caught in the mower. For the past several weeks a lovely lichen-covered branch has been resting there and I decided a few days ago that I wanted that branch. I do have a tendency to over-think matters and I just couldn’t figure out how to get that branch out of their yard without being seen. After all, I don’t want them to think I am crazy.  Late last evening I asked my husband if he thought they would care if I took that branch. He laughed and said, “of course not.” Wednesday being “church night” I figured no one would be home and I wouldn’t be seen creeping around their yard.

There I am bent over in the dark trying to extricate my branch from the others that had been piled on it when one of the sons came walking around the house, Bible in hand. Busted! He startled me and I began babbling about how cool that branch is…he said you wouldn’t mind…I think I can do something with it and…I just love all the white stuff all over it… He laughed and said to take all the sticks I want. I felt obligated to drag the whole pile of sticks into my yard since I had strewn them all over. And I continued to babble about being the crazy neighbor lady who takes your sticks…blah…blah…blah.


After I politely dragged all the excess sticks to my yard I ran in the house laughing like a loon. So any junker/crafter will surely appreciate the risk I took in grabbing this. It is so cool and I have all kinds of ideas for it. And I am sure those neighbors will look in my direction anytime something is missing from their yard.


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