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Old Slate Roof Tiles

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I was sitting at my kitchen table debating which of the thirty projects I have waiting for me, I would do. Old slate tiles won. I had thought about doing the inside of our shower with them but that was vetoed with oh so many scenarios that it would never work. Oh the naysayers. So I had to think of something else.

Well, we are doing this French market on West Moss on June 2nd and I should get going on some items for it. Nevermind that we also have May 5th, our own Swing Into Spring celebration with our business neighbors, Quinn Station and Simplicity. No. I was going to focus on something that wasn’t happening until June.

So I got out my paints and began. I LOVE the paint pens for lettering. I also used my trusty acrylics. I like to do everything by hand which often times creates not perfect looking results as can be seen in the Fleur Di Lis one! At least whoever ends up with it, knows it was done by hand.

Anywho, four tiles later, I was finished for the night. Boy am I getting old! I can remember the days I would blast Led Zeppelin and paint all night then go to school in the morning. Now I listen to Django Reinhardt, dream I am in a foreign country and can paint til 8:30 before my lids get heavy. Nevermind that I will be awake at 2 a.m. I can’t hardly keep my eyes open now. Sweet dreams!

Player Piano Roll Garland

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Val came up with this great idea of how to use up some of our player piano roll stash. Garland.

I took the roll and began cutting off the strip that had the lyrics. And cutting and cutting and cutting. My thumb was beginning to go numb by the time I got to the end of the roll.

Over to the tree I ran with the streamer flapping behind me. I began to wrap the tree. Perfect.

Well, almost. I found that I needed more. I went back to my roll and began to try to cut through it without unraveling the whole lot. Saw saw saw. Finally I got the two pieces separated.
Voila! Beautiful garland for a vintage tree. Now that I have the garland made, what will I use for ornaments???

Vintage Muffin Tin

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So you have this really cool muffin tray that needs to be filled? Why, just grab your epsom salts, some tea lights from the dollar store, and a favorite bottlebrush tree. Fill the holes with epsom salt (it looks like snow!) and add the tea lights and tree. Voila! A fabulous vignette for the table or back of your toilet!

Bottlebrush Tree Stand

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So you have a toothpick holder in your china cabinet? Take it out, turn it upside down, and put a small bottlebrush tree on it. Perfect tree stand that won’t be used to kill Bambi…

Christmas Box

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So my daughter had tonsil surgery yesterday. And being fifteen years old, it is maybe a bit more rough for her, so I stayed home to be the liquid police. I didn’t want her to end up at the hospital dehydrated.

Which gives me time to clean during her moments of sleep. Oh boy. As I was cleaning off one of my counters in my kitchen, I rediscovered an old wooden coke box. Hmmmmm.

It has 24 squares, perfect for an advent calendar. Or 24 squares to display little different bits of Christmas. This time I opted for the latter.

Now to collect 24 Christmas themed or winter themed items. I found one of my boxes of old ornaments. (Do you see how easily I am distracted from cleaning?!) Then I started scouting around for more items. The squares are small, maybe 2 x 2 so my plastic white reindeer did not fit. Drat. I found an old red compass, a star cookie cutter, flaking off Christmas lightbulbs, and some pinecones. Perfect.

I put the items in and realized those little squares were really dark. I needed something white. As I continued walking around the house on the lookout for white, I found white stuffing from a pillow that the dogs were playing tug of war with. Good job, naughty dogs!

I added the stuffing to the pinecones to make them stand out. I then added a vintage plastic santa in a sleigh with reindeer to the top and an old bottlebrush tree I had.

Voila! A box of Christmas. Hopefully the dogs won’t deicide to go after it…

What Is This Silver Dilly?

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I found in my stash of treasures, this odd, extremely dirty, circular object that kind of reminds me of a car ashtray. Yet not really. There is this hole in the side about the size of a nickel. And the ornate top part comes off. Odd.

Anywho, I thought it would make a fab candleholder. So I found a pillar candle, tied a red ribbon on it, and added an old earring I had. Perfect.

Sometimes you just have to step back and really look at an item to see its potential. Which is also a curse if you can do that as you see potential in everything and suddenly you just have a path through your basement…sigh. Anywho, would love to hear if anyone knows what this item’s intended purpose was.

No Wreath Needed

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As long as you have a frame, some chicken wire and some red spray paint, you can make a cool non-traditional holiday door decoration. Vintage holiday cards find a new home on the chicken wire and an old plastic reindeer seems to like its spot. Even Santa is smiling.

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